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Coming Back: Conversations on life after loss

Sep 5, 2018

Linda Findlay's daughter, Aubrie, lived for exactly two hours and nine minutes. Aubrie's time on the earth was incredibly short but the impact she left on Linda was profound. What began as a support group to heal from her devastating loss morphed into an aftercare service for funeral homes and a series of books, followed by Linda's biggest undertaking yet—the Bereavement Cruise, now in its third year. She's on a mission to show grievers that joy and grief can coexist. Today we're talking about how rituals change as years go by, how important it is to acknowledge our losses (even when no one else will), and how the Bereavement Cruise got its start! Also on the show, I'm sharing my biggest project to date—a book called Permission to Grieve.

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Because even through grief, we are growing.