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Coming Back: Conversations on life after loss

Jul 10, 2019

Modern Loss founders Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner are members of the "Women With Dead Parents Club." Rebecca's mom died after a car accident and her dad had a heart attack while traveling abroad. Gabi's father and stepmother were murdered in a robbery when a recently released methamphetamine addict was sent to their home to make what should've been a run-of-the-mill home repair. Rebecca and Gabi met and created Modern Loss, a multimedia platform for sharing candid stories about life after loss. Through their book, website, and live events, they're sparking powerful and unconventional conversations on grief... and beginners are most definitely welcome. This week, we're talking about how ANY moment can be a trigger for grief, the surreal feeling of being an adult orphan, and why the time for pretending to be perfect is over. Also, I'm answering a listener question about living in despair.

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